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So Chic French Box


Astonishing antique original boxes, just as women used in the 19th century to set in gloves, fans, make up, pills, jewels, trinkets and frills, utterly handmade with genuine elements and period French fashion plates of my own collections.


Each box is unique, handpainted and signed.

My creations are elegant, luxury, refined, so that  antiques, painting, history, fashion and beautiful things lovers will be thoroughly won over.


When you wish to offer  a one-of-a-kind present, it will always be a very good idea to have a look to my catalogue of boxes.


To celebrate special events, birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, graduation, you can find there themed fashion plates.


Click  here to learn more about the process and the different steps to obtain a very unique, enjoying and old times fashion box for today girls.

Who I am

Christine Wingerter in Paris Pont Alexandre III


My name is Christine Wingerter.

Formely, I stayed in Provence, where my job was to restore and sell antiques.

Now, I live in Auvergne, in the center of France.

When I am not restoring my old house, taking care of my garden and pets, I paint, listening classic music and jazz.


I am attracted to Art since my childhood and always will.

My creations are the fruit of this love and of my acquaintances as an antiques dealer and restorer as well.


Publishing on my website, I wish to share the pleasure and satisfaction that Art, manual and imaginative skill, can give everyday to people loving Art and beautiful objects.


Latest creations

antique french bridal gown



French nineteenth century bridal gown

Chic et de bon goût, for ever

friends in a french garden



French garden in 1887

Quiet chat

art deco
Wedding in July 1888



A Princely wedding gift

A special box for a special event, a wedding in 1888

French jewel box



Around the piano keyboard in 1871

Woomanhood and privacy of a luxe special jewels box

French elegance in train



Chemins de fer de l'ouest et du London Brighton in 1889

From Paris to London, via Rouen, Dieppe and Newhaven, The journey is long enough to read and watch at nice landscapes

Train in France



Setting off on a journey

Train in France, in 1887

Adventure begins when you buy a ticket at the station

French fashion briefcase



One-of-a-kind attaché case

A Christmas gift for my daughter Cécile

French gift idea



A sunny gift idea

This elegant little box will be wonderful for cards, incense cones,  trinkets or precious jewels as well, sweeties or medecine, and so on...

Wedding gift box



A wedding present.

An antique nice mahogany box

The French fashion journal "La Mode Illustrée" March 18,1894

A fine work of painting as with miniatures.

Deauville fashion



A stunning large box!

Seventeen characters painted as seventeen miniatures.

A fabulous view on the Deauville Promenade and the beach.

French fashion journal "La Mode Illustrée" March 25, 1894

A great item I am very proud of.

So Chic French

Christine Wingerter

Cell: +33 (0)608 180 725

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