Old times fashion in France

Nineteenth century Paris fashion journals

During the Nineteenth century, there was a single place for fashion in France: Paris!

The fashion creators were all in Paris, in more or less small shops, and some were famous all over France.

Fashion journals were the only way for creators to publicise their work and all elegant women suscribed to these journals: Le Journal des Demoiselles, Les Modes Parisiennes, La Saison, Les Modes Illustrées, Le Petit écho de la Mode...

Very often, dress patterns, hints for children, home, health as well, were included.

Journal illustrations were particulary refined and delicate, most often in black and white.

It is fascinating for me tohandcolour in gouache these beautiful gravures, to find the authentic colors for characters, dresses and accessories, landscapes...

I really enjoymy work! Time flies and is forgotten!

So Chic French

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