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An antique glove box of the late 19th century and the French fashion journal "Le Petit Echo de la Mode" July 10th, 1887; elegant ballgowns, crystal chandeliers, a lot of work and creativity: not so much to create this special desk accessory, isn't it?

You put it down on your desk, business cards and pens into, and you are sure to be unique!

People meeting you at your office can guess a lot about you when looking at your pen box: you are educated and refined, you like fashion and think that women are marvellous, you expect a lot from yourself as from the others, everyday you need some beauty around yourself.

This box is no longer available: already in use on a desk in Paris.

But I can create a special one for you, and only you.

Is there anyone loving you and wishing to give you a present? Thanksgiving and Christmas are not so long...

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