Don't let die beautiful things, follow the green attitude

French elegance

Don't you think that it is a shame to let beautiful antique items die in the lower drawer of a chest?

During the 19th century, in France, women were dreaming when skimming through fashion journals.

They were looking for a pattern of a ball-dress, an elegant wedding suit, a new hat, an à la mode accessory, as we do now...

Skimming through these magazines was a nice moment and they were part of their life.

Fashion journals of Paris were illustrated with enjoyable plates, some were drawn by famous artists.

It would be so bad to forget this part of the French culture!

That is why I take a great care when cutting and painting these antique fashion plates.

It makes me very happy to give them a new life in your home and I hope you will be glad too when using a so chic French box.

Is it the green attitude?

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