Antique lace, headdresses and parasols: a museum for girls in the French Alps

woman's accessory
Women's museum in France

Dreams of lace in this museum!

Il you love antique dresses, wonderful lace and French elegance, visit this web site


A nice journey in a women's world!


A jazz anf fish fan from the middle of nowhere: a French weird artist

I have met a really bizarre French painter, who lives in Cantal, France, the middle of nowhere: huge red cows named "vaches de Salers", famous cheese, magnificent mountains and a lot of rain, that's all!

This artist is fan of jazz and fish, blue notes swinging in the mist and fishes dancing in blue haze: it is funny, moving, strange and unusual.

If you want to have a touch of fresh air, go and look at Pierre Pavoni: it's cool!

So Chic French

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