Creation process

Nineteenth century Paris fashion newspapers


 I only use 19th century materials and items to create So Chic French boxes:  wooden boxes, fashion journals and lace.

All the documents are real antique documents from my private collection, not reproductions or copy!

Then I cover the original box with the genuine black and white fashion plates I have selected in antique French fashion journals such as "Les modes parisiennes", "La Saison", "Le journal des Demoiselles", "Le petit écho de la mode", "La mode illustrée"...

These papers are more than a century old and thus they are very delicate to work with!

The pasting process I use respects traditional methods and the work is slow and delicate.


To turn the box into an original piece of art, I take great care in choosing the correct coloring prior handpainting in gouache the characters, dresses, hats, laces, parasols... I work meticulously using tiny brushes.


I like to use 19th century ads as well, to line the interior of the box.


Finally, the finished work is carefully treated to ensure that it is protected for everyday use.

Important note

The materials I use are more than one hundred years old and, sometimes, they are marked by their long life.

It is obvious you are selecting an antique. It does not look like a new item and that is it's charm..

A work of miniature

Painted portrait miniature of a bride



Each character is painted on the boxes as a miniature: a particularly fine work of all the details.

A pale complexion of face was fashionnable, in these old days; light rosy cheeks.

Lace, parasols and accessories, flowers are painted with very very tiny brushes.

There are as many  miniatures as characters.

You may imagine what a kind of work it was to paint the Deauville fashion show with every last one of these seventeen characters painted as a miniature...


Selecting the good range of colours is something quite essential.

I have to respect the intention of the 19 th century' artist, not to betray the real mood of  his picture.

Some colours are perfect to illustrate sweetness and romantism, others for joy and enchantment.

Then is a matter of shade.

Step by step

At the beginning, it was a plain little box in mahogany.

Now, this is a beautiful wedding box, a one-of-a-kind piece of art, to put inside everything you love.

Next step, protective varnish coats so that you could use this fine object without fearing stains or shocks.

Another creation I am proud of: an attaché case offered to my daughter as a Christmas gift.

The original 19 th century wooden case was a canteen of silver cutlery.

I used fashion plates and advertisements of a fashion journal "La Saison".

 A marriage procession in 1888: an antique gloves box, a genuine fashion journal of July 1888 and a lot of work and pleasure

Ten main characters, people around and Church scenary finely painted with gouache

A "chocolat Suchard" advertising wooden box, antique fashion plates, cutters, tiny brushes, gouache painting tubes, ten creative working days... Everything for a garden fashionable box

So Chic French

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